"The decentralized voting
scheme is particularly clever"

John C. Edmunds

PhD Harvard, Finance Professor


We have implemented and are operating a purely decentralized application as a Smart Contract Architecture, that operates on the Ethereum Virtual Machine as a (global) primary and secondary Startups Tokens market place.

Blockchain decentralized executions and confirmations provide part of the solution, lowering costs of intermediation and record-keeping, but the main benefits are lost if a trusted third party is still required to screen Startups in order to gain access to an auction process and issue their tokens in the crowdfunding market.


We propose a solution to the screening centralized problem by using a Dapp Token (GODZ) as an economic voting system reward, giving economic incentives for people to participate in the screening process; and if the voters approved, the Startups can launch crowdfunding campaigns.

To be published and attract voters, a Startup creates a Voting Smart Contract and provides it with some amount of GODZ as an economic incentive to the voters instead of paying that fee to a centralized trusted third party.

This amount of GODZ will be available to the winning voters (yes or no) as a reward after the auction period ends, whatever the result is.


Token Crowd Sale

The Smart Contract Architecture use GODZ to enable voting, issuance, distribution and control of the Tokens in a formalized and standardized manner. It minimizes costs and speeds up execution, while being fully recorded in the Ethereum Blockchain with 100% trace-ability.


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A purely decentralized Smart Contract Architecture that operates on the Ethereum Virtual Machine as a (global) primary and secondary Startups Tokens market place.

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In the first stage, the Dapp will be activated only for transfers. Once the GODZ have been created, all the functions of the Dapp will be activated

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Our Team

Rodrigo Sainz

co-founder & CEO

Cristobal Pereira

co-founder & COO

Eduardo Portugues


Matias Pereira


Our Advisors

John C. Edmunds

PhD Harvard

José Luis Ruiz

PhD Wharton

Fernando Ventureira

PhD Phanteon Assas

Roberto Darrigrandi

MBA Chicago

David Díaz

PhD Manchester Business School

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